BiLTRiTE Manufacturing

Custom mounting for a SURGE 8 2.0 LED Light bar in a Chevrolet Silverado.


Plaisted Racing RZR XP with SURGE 52 2.0 LED Light Bar.


Polaris RZR with a rear-facing SURGE 4 LED Light Bar.


BiLTRiTE sponsored MDM Racing doing some med testing on 4 BULLiTT 10W LED Lights.


SURGE 4 LED Lights running in the fog light location on a Chevrolet Tahoe.


SURGE 12 2.0 LED Light Bar on the roof of a Kubota RTV.


BULLiTT 10W LED Lights mounted under the foot rests on a Harley Davidson motorcycle.


Thanks to everyone who submitted photos!  If you have photos of your own you'd like to share, email them to us!

Written by Jason Steigauf — March 27, 2014

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