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 In a market with an increasing number of suppliers, why choose BiLTRiTE SURGE 2.0 LED light bars over the competition?  Let's take a look...


  1. Look carefully at the components.  Cree LEDs are often regarded as the best LEDs on the market.  When properly controlled and cooled, they can last for over 50,000 hours.  Many of the budget LED light bars on the market use cheap, imitation LEDs that won't perform as well, or last as long, so buyer beware.  Every SURGE 2.0 LED light bar uses Cree LEDs that are perfectly controlled to provide maximum output and lifespan.
  2. Cooling the LED is also critical.  If the LED runs to hot, the efficiency and lifespan decreases significantly.  Look at the image below, it shows the extrusion profiles for the BiLTRiTE LED light as well as the profiles from two of the leading competitors.  As is clearly visible, the Surge light bar has a more material, creating a better hear sink, paired with large cooling fins at the rear to help disperse the heat.
  3. Another thing that may not be quite so evident in the above image is the mounting methods for each of these lights.  Many competitors offer just base mounting, many others offer only lateral mounting...with SURGE 2.0 we give you both options.
  4. IP codes are a critical piece of information when shopping for LED light bars.  SURGE 2.0 light bars all boast an IP68 rating (the best).  To better understand what this means, you must know what the numbers signify.  The 6 comes from a 0 to 6 scale that rates the item's protection against foreign items trying to get in.  6, which is the best means that the light is completely dust proof.  The 8 comes from a 0 to 8 scale that grades the item on its protection from water.  8 is the highest rating and it rates the light as able to operate under continuous submersion at depths greater than 1m.  7, which is carried by many LED light bar manufacturers symbolizes waterproof in depths of less than 1m for 30 minutes or less.
  5. Optics is a critical part of an LED light bar.  LEDs can be very bright, but they are more challenging to project forward than a typical halogen bulb.  Thus, when you're buying an inferior LED light bar, the lumen or output may be the same, but the light will only go a fraction of the distance.  The optics in the SURGE 2.0 LED light bars were professionally designed for optimum performance.
  6. Electrical connectors are the weak point in transmitting power to a light bar.  If your light is waterproof, but your connector is not, what's the point?  All of the SURGE 2.0 LED light bars come with waterproof, sealed connectors so you will never lose your light.

So what are you waiting for??  Head over to the products page and pick up your SURGE 2.0 LED light bar today!

SURGE 8 2.0

SURGE 12 2.0

SURGE 20 2.0

SURGE 52 2.0

Written by Jason Steigauf — July 26, 2012

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