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North 40 Outfitter customer T. Hess is so pleased with the BULLiTT 10W Floods (BR2630.Z002) he purchased at his local North 40 Outfitters, that he called BiLTRiTE Manufacturing to express to us how great he thinks the BULLiTT Floods are! This is what T. Hess shared with us: 

"I mounted a total of 4 BULLiTT 10W Floods on my 2002 Toyota Tundra. Two are mounted upfront for extra driving light and two Floods are mounted on the rear cage functioning as rear area lighting and back-up lights." Hess stated: "the Floods work especially well for me when loading deer and elk up after it starts to get dark." 

What T. Hess purchased for his rig: 

x4 - BULLiTT Flood 10W LED (BR2630.Z002)

x2 - Premium Two-Light Wire Harness

Note: All BiLTRiTE LED Lights are dust and waterproof to an IP68 industry rating.

Written by Leighton Malcolm — November 11, 2015

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