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“Stay tuned for the coolest Bullitt mod ever”.... Mark Cioni 1/23/2017

BiLTRiTE customer from IL putting a BiLTRiTE BULLiTT to some serious use! We are eager to see what he does!

Customer MOD in progress


"Fabbed these for an upcoming job.  Retrofitted both.
The retrofit uses a professionally made adapter and requires a more than basic home shop.
A less-than-scientific battery test resulted in 3 hours without loss of dimming.
That seemed more than acceptable to begin the project as there was no turning back.
The lights are a bit overkill but are rechargeable and fit in with my existing daily tools."

                                                                                  Mark – East Peoria, IL.

"Thank you Mark for being a great BiLTRiTE “Out of the Box” thinker!  Love it!"

                                                                                             Tammy –BiLTRiTE Mfg.


Written by Tammy Ericksen — October 24, 2016

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